BrandRoshi is an all-in-one platform for selling and delivering digital services. Let it be your CRM, billing software, order tracking, project management and messaging tool.

powerful client portal

Extendible Order Forms

A service oriented checkout process and single page order forms gives you more control than traditional shopping carts. Choose which products will be included in the form, add text fields, file upload and other order data to collect during checkout. Choose to charge per project, per subscription or deduct credits from their account balance.

Take Payments & Track Orders

Stripe comes fully integrated with support for one-time and subscription based payments. With invoices generated for every order and custom order data collected during checkout, you will always have the information you need. Tracking orders and managing a team become pleasurable tasks.

Simplify Customer Support

A customer can submit support tickets as well as communicate with your team on orders and tasks. Thanks to built-in roles, you can allow staff and contractors to chat with clients directly to reduce your own involvement. With these integrated chat features, customers get streamlined communication and a better overall experience. They can respond to chats through email or within the system and notifications will be sent on replies.

Easier Team Management

As you scale your business, outsourcing to freelancers and other contractors may become more common. Keeping track of this side of the house is usually complicated. However, BrandRoshi not only manages your projects but it manages tasks and the actual work being completed as well. Contractors can claim or be assigned these tasks, attaching their work and client reports once complete.

Clear Business Metrics

Get the full history of staff and contractor interaction with customers. See who changed what and when. Monitor response times, number of customers, monthly revenue, recurring revenue and other key metrics. Your dashboard shows the most important metrics the system is tracking.

White Label & Customizable

Customers will login at your own website (app.yourwebsite.com) providing a fully white-label and branded experience. Our premium plan removes all mention of BrandRoshi and unlocks further customization options.

Order Management

Project Management

Task Management

Team Management

Order Forms & Payments

Invoices & Subscriptions

Support Tickets

Chat on Orders & Tasks

Custom Relationship Management

Reporting and Metric Tracking


Deliver Orders Effortlessly

Services can never be conveniently shipped to your customer’s door. They must be provided. This typically takes time and effort but with BrandRoshi you can manage your team like a pro. Deliver orders promptly by easily delegating work through assignable tasks.

On the customer’s side of the house, they receive a notification every time the order is updated. This includes updates within the various tasks for the order. As your team leaves messages for customers, uploads reports and completes tasks, you and the customer remain informed.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand your reservations. Choosing a new management platform for your business is a big step and the migration process can be daunting.

Our software was designed as an all-in-one solution for digital service providers and agencies alike. Transitioning typically allows for the discontinued use of several other applications in areas such as billing, project management and CRM software.

We can help you reduce overhead costs and lower technical debt by moving to a professional platform with your interests in mind.

No. We do not charge any transaction fees. When you use Stripe or Paypal, your money goes directly to your account.

We are strong believers in free trials. Sign up and use ServiceProductizer free for up to 7 days. As your trial nears expiration, we will ask that you subscribe to keep your account active.

Of course. If at any time you would like to change your plan or cancel your subscription, you can do this from within your account. To keep your account active and your data available, you will need to subscribe to a plan.

If your business already has paying customers or you are launching a new service and expect to get paying customers, ServiceProductizer is right for you.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email us or submit a ticket. We respond as quickly as possible, usually within 1-2 business days.

We typically update the software with 3-4 significant deployments per year and many minor enhancements along the way. We hope to onboard new talent in the coming months and provide even more frequent changes.