Sell Productized Digital Services & More with an All-In-One Platform

Manage every aspect of your business and create a scalable system to seamlessly sell products and services online.

productized project management software

Everything Under One Roof

E-commerce shopping carts were never intended for digital service providers. They don’t have the right team management, project tracking or even billing features. Our software allows you to easily productize any service and take a profitable and scalable approach with your bottom line. Put managerial headaches, outsourcing hassles and tedious customer support behind you.

Productize and Streamline

Much of our platform is able to be customized to your needs. One-time, monthly subscription, and credit-based request systems are all supported. BrandRoshi was intended to help you streamline and run your business regardless of your billing and delivery approach.

team management productized projects
team management productized projects

Let your Team Handle The Load

You work hard and have already assembled a fantastic team. Why not leverage their abilities further?

By letting your team handle customer support, you can observe from above. Our system supports both staff and contractor privileges for managing client access.

Track response times, peak-in on staff interactions and ensure orders are meeting deadlines.


What do our users have to say? See for yourself.

This has changed the game for us. Selling our services was once a pain and now we’re excited to scale.

Really good software. Gets my approval!

I love it. Cheaper than others and better dev. Highly recommended.

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Software to Organize It All - A Complete Client Portal

We’re an all-in-one solution to selling and delivering digital services. Organize everything about your business under one roof. This central operation point helps you systemize and scale.

Build powerful order forms with Stripe support

Track payments, subscriptions and service requests

Collect project information from buyers after checkout

Assign tasks or let team members claim tasks

View/reply to customer and team support interactions

Analyze reports and follow the metrics that matter

Customize and improve the customer experience

A Plan for Every Stage of your Business

Standard Plan


($19/m for Early Subscribers)

Up to 3 Team Members

Pro Plan


($29/m for Early Subscribers)

Up to 5 Team Members

Elite Plan


($39/m for Early Subscribers)

Up to 10 Team Members